Choosing an Electric Shaver -Rotary Shavers

66Choosing an Electric Shaver -Rotary Shavers

Choosing an electric shaver is important. Shaving is a part of a man’s routine just as much as your end-of-day Friday beer. So, let us do the legwork and give you a few pointers in selecting the right shaver for your lifestyle, schedule and skin type. Should you opt for a rotary shaver or foil shaver?

    rotary shavers -RS986     


     Rotary electric shavers typically have three rotating circular cutters that work to conform to the shape of your face. Because of the design, they are best used with slow, circular motions over the face and neck to ensure that the rotary cutter beneath the guard slices the hair as close to the face as possible. Rotary shavers generally suit those with regular too tough skin types with a medium to course beard density.

When it comes to rotary shavers our RUNWE RS986 can be  your main choice. This product has a number of features to ensure a comfortable, but close, shave.

One of the most convenient elements is the waterproof seal – which allows you to shave wet or dry. So even on days when you’re looking a little shabby, but don’t have the time for a thorough shave, there’s no need to go through the process of foam or gel – you can just run the shaver over your face in the shower and be on your way.


This rotary shaver has Laser bonding triple -track blade Technology, which enable you a comfortable shaving experience, It means you get the closest possible shave without causing damage to your skin. Also this one is waterproof IPX7,which can use in the shower. For more information, please contact us at

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