The 119th Canton Fair is rounded off for XIYUE

11The 119th Canton Fair is rounded off for XIYUE

  During the 118th China Import and Export Fair, XIYUE with Runwe brand leaves a deep impression on the comers and goers for its brand effect. Apart from this,XIYUE has another special point attracting people’s attention. It’s very fortunate for such a fast-growing brand to get attention and admiration in the market as well as attract media’s great attention. On the other hand, XIYUE has become a contemporary typical example for its rapid rising in the background of great global development.

Rome is not built in a day, so is a brand. It’s a long and persistent process for a brand from being created to growing to its final success. Nowadays XIYUE is able to stand in the field of cross-border e-commerce platform. We can also see the precious foresight and persistence through the Canton Fair.

A brand is just like a man. We witnessed XIYUE’s rising up and transcending in 2003 without knowing its ambition. Now XIYUE is initiating its strategy comprehensively, let’s get a deep understanding of XIYUE and show the public the connotation, the bearing and the ideal of a rising brand.

The rising of a brand isn’t in one single day. On the contrary, it’s a long accumulation from quantitative change to qualitative change. Having struggled for 13 years, XIYUE (RUNWE) focuses on creating the supreme urban value at the forefront of great global development. From being unremarkable to being rising up, it’s development process proves a philosophy that there is no shortcut in the world, the only shortcut is to go step by step.


Post time: Apr-20-2016


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