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Looking for overseas partners! ( distributors, wholesalers, supermarket, regional agents)

In order to explore overseas market, we are looking for all the partners  in the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Croatia,, Russia, Turkey, USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Nigeria, Libya etc.

The Qualification of partners

  • 1. Has separate legal entity
  • 2. Being well-known has good reputation and powerful sales channel in local electrical appliance market. Has the ability to make our personal care products achieve high market share in the authorized country or area.
  • 3. Has salesman to sell our products and skillful technician for after sales service. Has sufficient funds and confidence to achieve the sales target by our joint efforts.
  • 4. Achieve the sale target. The sales target is to be negotiated.

Favorable Policy

  • 1. We can offer the items for exposition and publishing (such as showing stand, catalogs, pictures, CD etc.) to improve good reputation of our brand and increase the market share in the authorized sales area.
  • 2. If the annual sales target be achieved or exceeded, on 20th December, We will offer our distributor bonus as below form:


Annual Sales

 Bonus rate

USD (       )

 (       ) %

USD (       )

 (       ) %

Exceed USD    (       )

  (       ) %

The percentage of bonus rate need to be discussion.

Welcome to visit our factory to negotiate details!

Our contract: partner@joy-shavers.com


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